Services Pricing

Individual Therapy : It takes courage to jump into the unknown.

Ideal for all adults—twenties through hundreds.

  • 50-minute sessions (typically weekly).
  • $150 first session, $110 all sessions.

I do offer sliding scale after meeting with you the first time.

Appointments available by contacting me.


Couples therapy : Learn the life and science of love with me.

  • 90 minute session the first time
  • $185 first session + $150 couples evaluation quest (this is a very important tool I used to save time in the number on sessions, is like to take a x-ray in the interior life of the couple)
  • $125 per session

Appointments available by contacting me.




  • Overcoming your fears and handle stress better.
  • Defining goals and developing action plans.
  • Help getting direction in life and move forward.
  • Improving balance between work and life.
  • Help dealing with stressful situations & depression.
  • Identifying obstacles and fears, along with guidance to overcome them.
  • Prioritizing & time management.
  • Help making difficult decisions in high risk situations or challenges.
  • Improving relationships & life overall.
  • Help with identifying weaknesses and core strengths to maximize potential.
  • Improving life by finding your passion, reducing stress and increasing productivity.
  • Help to get a grip on life.


Professional Coaching Packages

A behavior can only be changed through repetition, exercise, guidance and support, therefore decades of self-sabotaging behaviors cannot be changed within just a few sessions. As there is no such thing as one-fits-all effective coaching, all my coaching programs are personalized and designed to help you break through your resistances, in order for you to really reach your goals.

ANY coaching package includes:

  • 90 minute results-driven coaching sessions.
  • Discovering of your driving motivation, your “Why”.
  • Personalized 90-day plan.
  • Unlimited ongoing support via phone/text/email.

Packages start at $599.


Life Coaching Workshop

This life coaching workshop is intended to introduce you to a completely new set of tools designed to help you reach your short and long term goals, and change your life. Sheila Morataya will be using some of her most impactful coaching methods in order to help you develop essential skills that will empower you to reach your goals and become more successful.

4 hours long – $199 per participant.

Contact me for the next workshop that can change your life!